Booking Terms for Re-Opening

The following Terms and Conditions have been put in place to ensure we can provide you and our teams with a safe and enjoyable experience.  

We have now opened our reservation system and are now taking lunch, dinner and drinks only bookings for up to 6 guests. At this time, we are unable to confirm any large group reservations, including our Masterclasses.  

Please arrive on time for your table reservation, each table size has a maximum allocated time slot which will be stated on your booking confirmation, this must be adhered to so it is in your best interest be arrive on time. Tables will only be held for a 15 minute period so please give us a call if you can’t make it. 

Upon booking, your table will be automatically selected, at this time and in order to adhere to guidelines we are unable to accommodate any table requests prior to or on the day of reservation. 

Our menus have been slightly tweaked for the re-opening, please check these out via our website. We will be re-opening with our a-la-carte menus only. 

To make our ordering process safer and easier for our guests, we are now offering you the opportunity to order from your phone. Please note, for the time being our restaurants will operate a cashless system to ensure the health and safety of guests and staff. 

Entering with symptoms- If you have experienced any COVID19 symptoms over within 48 hours of your reservation then please get in touch with your guests and re schedule/cancel your place on the booking.  

Please ensure that during this time your children remain seated at the table will full parental supervision.